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ECU Remapping and Car Tuning Services.

Blackchurch provide professional ECU Remapping and Car Tuning Services. Whether you are looking to enhance your day to day vehicle, improve fuel efficiency, increase horsepower and performance or whether you're looking for professional Racing Performance tuning services we can adapt the tuning we offer for your specific needs and requirements.

ECU Remapping and Tuning 

Increase Power by up to 40% & Decrease Fuel consumption by up to 15%
We use the latest ECU remapping & tuning technology, using dedicated hardware we can remap your vehicles ECU providing an overall better performance in terms of fuel efficiency and increased driving performance.
The process is quick and simple, you can check out what performance gains you should achieve for your Make and Model in our Partners Database listed on their website here.
We provide this service for Cars, trucks and Tractors and we also provide advanced Race Car Tuning.

The benefits include;

  • Greater Torque & increased HorsePower
  • Faster throttle response, smoother delivery of power
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • We can revert back to stock if required

Dyno Testing

We provide advanced Dyno Testing providing test results on torque and horsepower curves, airflow CFM, fuel flow and much more. We can provide results withing 1/10th of a HP on what helps or hurts performance on any particular engine.

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About Us

Blackchurch Motors, The Ford Specialists provide car servicing, car maintenance, car repairs and diagnostics services specialising in Ford Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

We also provide performance tuning including Dyno Tuning & race Engine Tuning.

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